Bucket O' Blooms FAQ


Can I request specific flowers? If you have a favorite we will try to accommodate you, but our bulk flowers are seasonal and what is in bloom at that time.

How many arrangements can be made with each bucket? That depends on the size of the vase. As a reference, you can do 5-7 quart size mason jars depending on how lush you make them.

Can I order smaller quantities of flowers separately? We do also sell flowers by the stem or bunch (10 stems) . Please contact us for pricing

Should I bring my own buckets? It is not required. If you'd like to use your own, 5 gallon buckets work best and it is important that they are extremely clean. There's a $5 deposit for our buckets (plastic 5 gallon) which is refunded upon return. I can't afford to lose anymore buckets! Ha!

* All buckets are what is seasonaly available. No tulips in August or dahlias in May. Questions about floral seasonality? Coming soon will be a general guide.